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June 5- June 9
Earth Art. Come explore the world of art with us as we use natural media to make ephemeral art in the style of Andy Goldsworthy, clay to create both sculptures and paintings, and use our imagination in new ways.
June 12-June 16
ONE MORE SPOT AVAILABLE. Solar System. We'll get an in-depth, art-intensive week of studying the solar system!! Sing songs with us, make your own planet, and discover even more about each planet, the sun, and the other celestial bodies.
June 19- June 23
Spy Camp. Become a spy this week of camp!! Learn how to pay close attention to the world around you, decode messages, and create your own invisible ink. We'll celebrate the last day of this camp with an incredibly awesome scavenger hunt!!!
July 10- July 14
THIS CAMP IS NOW FULL. Dig it. Calling all archeologists between the ages of three and seven!!! We'll learn about bones, dinosaurs, tools, and techniques for finding artifacts and remains.
July 17- July 21
THIS CAMP IS NOW FULL. Super Camp!!! Discover what makes you a super hero. Design your own cape, mask, and any other accessory you might need. Save the planet; save your friends; and do so with your own theme song.
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